Who Directed These Impressive Wind Gusts at Cannes?

My kingdom for a wind gust to appear like this while being photographed

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Photo: VALERY HACHE/AFP (Getty Images)

Somehow at Cannes—a gathering of already-beautiful and influential people working in the film industry—nature decided to give the women wearing beautiful gowns an additional leg up by creating preternaturally perfect, absurd wind gusts, dramatically arching lengths of tulle and chiffon just as the paparazzi snapped their eager cameras. How the hell does this happen, and why doesn’t it ever happen to normal people, rather than gusting exactly so our hair whips into our mouths and eyes during a selfie or whatever else we might be doing on the gram? Is nature playing us?

Anyway, that’s Noel Capri Berry, who is not only a fashion model but is also wearing a dress with a cape that the stupid wind wanted to caress.

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