Why Can't We Be Friends?


Procrastinating is awesome. In part, it’s what keeps you coming back to this here website. But what about when a blog isn’t enough?

That’s where that other popular procrastination enabler comes in: Facebook. Sure, stalking your exes and playing Sorority Life or Count The Baby Pictures can kill an hour a day, but that’s just not enough when you’re mindlessly bored at work or in class (not that we’d ever advocate throwing away your precious education on Facebook, except for in this specific instance). But with our Facebook page, you can lose whole chunks of your day to the interwebbed abyss!

And there’s another upside to joining our Facebook posse: You can interact with fellow readers under your real name. So you can be perfectly reasonable there, and still maintain your secret batshit commenter identity! Or vice-versa! No one will ever connect the two yous! It’s an unparalleled opportunity to relax and let your multiple-personality disorder take the wheel. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Come, join us in our Circle Of Facebook Crazy. You can even do it from here! Just click that thumbs up “like” button in the below box. Let the peer pressure get to you.

Jezebel’s Facebook Page

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