WTF Is Going on With Roseanne?


Earlier today, Lindy read aloud some of the horrific comments she received after appearing on Totally Biased to debate rape jokes in comedy. The comments are disturbing to say the least, and lots of funny, smart people came to Lindy’s defense, with one notable exception. The shocking voice of dissent? Roseanne Barr.

Yes, Roseanne — the ground-breaking, glass ceiling-shattering comedian who writes an advice column for feminist magazine Bust, that Roseanne — had this to say:

Well, it looks like Roseanne didn’t actually read or listen to anything Lindy wrote or said, or this wouldn’t be happening. Her argument is jumping all over the place, so it’s really hard to track what’s happening. Let’s see what we can do:

1. Lindy isn’t advocating censorship — she’s saying that comedians have the right to make shitty, tired, conservative jokes that target rape survivors and/or hurt women, and she has the right to call bullshit, and ask you to knock it off. Pretty simple.

2. Roseanne hasn’t been on the site lately, because our comments are moderated, and our approved commenting community is filled almost exclusively with thoughtful femistGOD WHY AM I EXPLAINING THIS TO ROSEANNE??

3. Nobody said rape jokes can’t be funny and cathartic. Certainly not Lindy.

And then she gets really amazing:

And past amazing, is even more amazing still:

Honestly, that last tweet is why I love Roseanne — it’s just like what!? What is happening here? Can someone please explain it? Because I don’t even, and I don’t want to stop loving her. I can’t! She almost cast me on her show as the fat kid next door — true story!— and I’ve always looked up to her as an uncensored, brilliant anti-establishment icon. This shit she’s pulling now is not in line with the bad bitch who takes no bullshit — she has to know she’s not advocating against censorship here, but instead she’s arguing for the shitty status quo.

Then again, she’s retweeting stuff like this:

So who knows what’s going on inside that wackadoo head of hers? If you have any clue, let me know, because I’m genuinely worried about her! Until then, I’m burning a candle and praying for peace.

Pic via AP

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