Why Women Like Rock Stars, According to Science


Guys, science has really cracked open our souls with its newest revelation: why we love rock stars. For our purposes, the term “rock star” includes rappers, country dudes, R&B guys and DJs because it’s 2014 and all sorts of folks fall under the category of music celebrity.

According to Business Insider, women, during our most fertile phases, are drawn to the guys who produce the best music. We think they carry better genes.

University of Sussex researchers helmed a study that polled 1,500 women who were an average of 28 years old and were not breastfeeding, pregnant or on hormonal birth control. They were each asked if they would rather get with a guy who composed a simple melody or a more difficult piece and then they were asked which one they’d want as a short-term sexual partner or a partner in a committed relationship.

In the end, the ladies wanted the more complex musicians as short-term sexual partners when the risk of conception was at its height. Researchers think this information might be the first scientific evidence to support Charles Darwin’s theory that music really exists to encourage “sexual courtship.”

So the next time you see Drake walking down the street, feel free to chase him like a teenage lunatic because it’s in your DNA. Just be prepared for him to put your tryst in a song.

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