Will Someone Please Help Lana Del Rey Find Her Vape?

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Will Someone Please Help Lana Del Rey Find Her Vape?
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Lana Del Rey has lost her vape!

The vape went missing at her concert in Portland, Oregon last week. Page Six reports:

Video shows the “Summertime Sadness” singer, 34, interrupting her recent concert at the Moda Center in Portland to find her e-cigarette. She even enlisted her band and other stagehands to help track it down.
The effort was all in vain, however, as no one was able to locate the vape. She ultimately gave up, telling her fans, “Oh, f–k it.”

I do not vape, but my friends who do consider their little nicotine devices as dear to them as a plant, or pet, or child. I weep for them when they lose their vapes, as I weep for Lana. I hope someone finds her vape soon, or, at the very least, buys her a new (and safe!) vape in the near future. [Page Six]

Adult Justin Bieber is a Wife Guy with 27 weddings. Teen Justin Bieber was a hellion who once allegedly trashed Wendy Williams’s green room. According to TooFab:

“I was reminded the other day by [gaffer] John Anderson, do you know what he told me, out of nowhere. He was like, remember when Justin Bieber came here and trashed the green room?” she recalled. “And kicked John! John is like so innocent. Imagine a little kid, he’s like 13 years old when he comes here fighting with [William Frawley’s “I Love Lucy” character] Fred Mertz.”
“John told me, John was like, ‘You know what, his father told him, ‘What are you doing? Get back up there, you straightened up that green room!’ His father told him that and Justin had to go right back up there!”

When I got angry as a 13-year-old, I used to blast my Linkin Park CD and kick my bed, and then my mom would come into my room and yell at me to turn the music down. I get it. [Too Fab]

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