Williamsburg's New Urban Outfitters Will Offer Upscale Food From Hell


The new Urban Outfitters opening up in Williamsburg will include a restaurant and bar, so that every tribal-clad undergrad can realize his or her dream of perusing “Navajo” panties while also eating overpriced (but surely seasonal) vegetables. Don’t stain your “Fly Girl” crop top!

Those of you who don’t live in or near Brooklyn might not be as terrified to hear that the Urban Outfitters opening soon on North 6th street — the most Williamsburgy area of Williamsburg, which is the most Brooklynish neighborhood of Brooklyn — will also offer food and drink options. But you should be! Because if hipsters can’t get enough of getting wasted while shopping for onesies, the model will surely arrive at a gentrified area near you.

Apparently some Urban Outfitters already sell sandwiches — that’s news to me — but Grubstreet thinks the Brooklyn offshoot has grander plans:

Though the retailer is apparently looking to score a full liquor license, it’s not immediately clear what form its restaurant will take. Some Urban Outfitters in other cities have in-house cafeteria-style cafés and sandwich shops, but signs point to this one being a little more upscale: Last year, Bloomberg reported that the corporation had merged shopping and eating at two of its Urban Outfitters Terrain stores, with restaurants serving menus of things like “$36 striped bass, $39 ribeye and a $19 vegetable plate.” Terrain’s president Wendy McDevitt said customers who eat lunch or drink wine will typically stick around the store for twice as long. “Food is becoming bigger and bigger in terms of entertainment value,” said McDevitt, which is just another way of saying you’ll spend more after a few pickle backs.

Hold me.

(Note: this doesn’t bode well for UO’s past bedbug issues.)


Image via Wikimedia.

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