Wimbledon Is Canceled, But More Importantly Where Will I See Serena's Tennis Outfits Now?

Wimbledon Is Canceled, But More Importantly Where Will I See Serena's Tennis Outfits Now?

Tennis, in my opinion, is the most watchable sport. The court isn’t that huge, the camera just stays in one place and the announcers are generally very calm which lowers all my sport watching related anxieties. But with the latest announcement that Wimbledon has been canceled due to coronavirus concerns, the best part of the entire tennis season has been canceled along with it: Seeing what Serena Williams is going to wear.

Williams is without question the greatest tennis player alive, and she’s also the most fashionable. I still think about the show-stopping black catsuit that she wore during the 2018 French Open, one of her best looks to date: Aside from being perfectly tailored to her body, the ensemble was a huge middle finger to staid ideas of how a woman playing tennis should dress. Even when the French Tennis Association banned catsuits for no real reason (although I assume it was jealousy and racism) Williams came back with a fire-ass crop top and non-frilly tennis skirt designed by Virgil Abloh, because she’s Serena Fucking Williams and she can do shit like that.

Serena Williams 2018 French Open Image:Getty

While the dress code for Wimbledon is much stricter (players must wear white ) Williams’s style cannot be muted. Last year she wore a tennis dress with a waffle knit top and cutouts around her midriff that cascaded to an understated skirt—a great contrast to her 2018 U.S Open tutu, another product of her Abloh collab.

Serena Williams Wimbledon 2019 Image:Getty

But with Wimbledon officially off the calendar and presumably more tennis tournaments to follow suit, future moments are barren for the time being. Possibly sensing the latest gap in our lives, Williams posted a video to Instagram TV featuring her family and a new, mint-green Nike tennis dress.

Screenshot:Serena Williams (Instagram)

May she be gracious enough to continue blessing us with her style in any format possible until she’s allowed to dominate the courts again.

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