Woman Cuts off Husband's Penis Twice, Then Throws It Out a Window


This right here is commitment: Feng Lung has been arrested for causing grievous bodily harm to her husband (and father of her five children) Fan Lung after she discovered that her man was sending “saucy texts” to his new lover from his wife’s phone. So she cut off his dick. And then she cut it off again. And if she weren’t arrested, it’d probably be off for a third time right about now.

There’s absolutely no excuse for the violence that Lung visited on her husband for cheating (the best revenge is living well, according to the many books I have on the subject), but the actual story is wild from start to finish and will likely be reported for days to come. It has the same foundations as a previous story of a woman who left her husband and his lover (her twin) naked in a parking lot, but it also goes so much further.

From The Daily Mail:

Grabbing a pair of scissors she stormed into their bedroom where he was sleeping and cut off his penis.
Surgeons were able to reattach it, but fuming Feng sneaked into his hospital room and cut it off again before throwing it out of a window.
This prompted the cheat to turn on his wife and he was spotted naked and bloody attacking her outside the hospital.

Unfortunately, doctors were unable to find Fan Lung’s penis the second time around and it’s believed that it was taken (and probably eaten) by a dog or cat prowling the area. The man is in stable condition and is even receiving visits from his new lover who doesn’t mind that he’s gone permanently soft. It doesn’t matter to her, she said, because Fan’s already got five kids.

Feng Lung is now under arrest.

Image via Twitter

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