Woman Gets Bag of Greasy Cash at Burger King Drive-Thru


Janelle Jones just wanted a junior spicy chicken sandwich and a sweet tea, but instead of a tasty sandwich, she was given a bag full of cash. Precisely $2,631 dollars in sweet Burger King cash. Jones was driving home when she realized that her sandwich had miraculously taken the form of money.

She called her husband, Matthew, who told her to come home immediately so he too could witness this tiny miracle. At home, the couple realized this was no miracle, but rather just your average fuck up — they found two bank deposit bags and loose $100 bills. This is the part where, I imagine, they threw money into the air while dancing. But they didn’t, instead they seemed to have had a conversation about “morality,” “Jehovah” and “doing the right thing.”

About an hour after their discovery, the couple returned the money to Burger King.

According to Foster’s Daily Democrat:

Matthew Jones admitted, “We are not perfect human beings,” and said the couple had considered the possibility of keeping the money, adding they could have certainly used the cash. But he said he and his wife are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that “Jehovah sees everything.”
When they returned the money about an hour later, the employees of the store were extremely thankful, he said.
“It felt a lot better than keeping it,” said Matthew Jones.

In return the Burger King manager gave Janelle five free meals.

Image via Getty.

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