Woman Gets Six Months in Prison for Stalking Alec Baldwin


Genevieve Sabourin, a 41-year-old actress, has been sentenced to six months in prison for stalking and harassing Alec Baldwin, plus 30 days for contempt of court. Sabourin claims that she and Baldwin had a “brief romance,” and she was simply trying to find out why he chose to hit it and then subsequently quit it—information to which she, as the quitee, feels entitled. “I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m innocent,” she told the judge. “You’re doing a mistake right now.”

According to Baldwin, the pair merely had dinner once so that he could give her “career help,” after which, over the course of the next two years, she “besieged him with unwanted phone calls and emails and started showing up at his homes and at public events.” Well then.

Via USA Today:

“Your relentless and escalating campaign of threats and in-person
appearances in private spaces served at a minimum to harass, annoy and
alarm Mr. Baldwin, and intentionally so, and terrorized his wife,”
Mandelbaum said.
Sabourin testified that she had a legitimate,
though brief romance with Baldwin, and just wanted him to explain why he
didn’t want to see her anymore.
In his summation to the judge,
defense lawyer Todd Spodek said Baldwin “doesn’t have carte blanche to
use the criminal justice system to sort out his relationships.”
set her up at a luxury hotel. He took her on a once-in-a- lifetime,
fairy-tale date. … Was Ms. Sabourin wrong to think that this was more
than a one-night stand?”

I mean…maybe she wasn’t technically “wrong” to think such a thing in the first 5-10 minutes following their “fairy-tale” encounter. But the ensuing two years, during which her fairy-tale lover repeatedly called the cops to LEGALLY COMPEL HER TO GO AWAY, should probably have been the first tip-off that this shit is not going to work out. Nonetheless, faced with the choice to leave Alec Baldwin alone or go to prison, SHE PICKED PRISON. Now that’s dedication.

She says the overall message from him was mixed, and she felt entitled to ask what had gone wrong.
“It’s not because he’s rich and famous that he can take advantage of women and throw them in the garbage,” she said.

I mean, no, not literally. (If Alec Baldwin literally threw you in the garbage, you def have a case!) But it is 100% legal to figuratively throw women in the garbage via not calling them back. And it is 100% not legal to exact vigilante justice on someone who dumped you by aggressively terrorizing their family. Even if Ms. Sabourin’s side of the story turned out to be completely true from start to finish, the net result is that Alec Baldwin just acted like kind of an asshole, while she acted like a terrifying nightmare person who felt “entitled” to another person’s space and energy. Mr. Baldwin, congratulations on your new-found peace of mind. Ms. Sabourin, best of luck with your emotional health.

People, don’t stalk people.

Image via AP.

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