Woman Ices Out Depression By Living Entire Life as Elsa from Frozen


There are many reasons to identify with Elsa from Frozen. For one thing, her hair game is sick; for another, she’s a strong female character who don’t need a snowman. Kirsty Taylor, however, identifies with Elsa for more personal reasons: The character’s battle with her inner demons helped Taylor fight her own depression. And she doesn’t mind letting the world know that she and her boyfriend dress as Elsa and Kristoff around the house to keep the good times going 24/7.

Taylor, who appeared on ITV’s This Morning to talk about her connection with Elsa, said that the movie couldn’t have come at a better time for her. Before Frozen, she said, her depression had taken over her life and she’d spent an entire month locked away in her room by herself, refusing to build a snowman or do anything else that others might consider productive or life-affirming (like riding bikes around the hall).

From Metro:

‘I remember seeing [the trailer] and being desperate to go and see it. When I saw the film it was incredible, the music and the characters, but for me it’s all about Elsa.
‘She’s not a typical Disney princess. She was battling within herself.’

Taylor also told the hosts of This Morning that she knew one of the things that would help her was finding the Kristoff in her life — which is a little weird considering that Kristoff was more into Anna, but if taking your fictional sister’s boyfriend helps you get rid of depression, who am I to judge? Taylor’s real-life boyfriend didn’t come at the expense of her sister’s feelings and isn’t into Frozen but says he’ll dress up as Kristoff if it’s something Taylor wants him to do. He even accompanies Elsa to children’s parties, which Taylor runs on the weekends. He’s a little embarrassed (pictures of him are posted up all over at work), but what’s a little humiliation if it helps your loved one feel better?

Honestly, I can’t wait until we have zero more things to say about this movie — I echo the sentiments of one colleague who shouted “WILL ALL OF THIS END IF I WATCH THIS GODDAMN MOVIE TONIGHT? WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?” — but I just can’t hate on someone changing her life by becoming one of her favorite characters, so I’m just going to “Let it Go” and be happy for her. (You know I’m contractually oligated to make that joke, right? You know it’s not a choice.) (Wait, no, I lied. That wig, though. WHAT IS THAT?)

Image via ITV

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