Won't Someone Think Of The Children? Prude Americans Offended By Beyoncé, Pink & Gaga At Grammys


Grammy night, many female artists wore very… revealing ensembles. Fun for us, maybe, but some viewers with delicate sensibilities found it necessary to complain to the FCC. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, some emails are online.

What’s funny is that reading these detailed descriptions — posted over at The Smoking Gun — feels more salacious than watching the show! The ones who get really irate (looking at you, Lawrenceville, Geogria) seem almost orgasmic in their frenzy.

A sampling:

From Pittsburgh, PA:

During the viewing of the Grammy award ceremony, we witnessed Lady Gaga (if you could call her a lady) show the viewing audience her mostly bare behind, and frontal crotch area. I had children watching… What will it take to stop this kind of trash?

From Hammond, LA:

Byonce[sic] grabbed her crotch while performing her first song on the Grammys. I’m getting so tired of seeing this profanity on television. You can’t even let your children watch these types of programs. The last music awards program we had to watch Adam Lambert kiss a guy on stage. It’s not even 8:00 pm and I know there are small children, under 12, watching. I know my grandchildren are watching…”

From Savannah, TX:

This nationally broadcast show began with some woman wearing little more than underwear, involved several occasions of bad language… One man’s pants were so low, they may have well been at his knees… I will no longer allow my children to watch award shows… Please fine them… and that includes commercials (so no Enzyre, feminine products, cheat on your spouse ads either).

From Douglasville, GA:

Lady Gaga was barely covered below the belt! Her rear end was very exposed and that is inappropriae. Pink wore a nude suit… you could see her tattoo’s[sic] through the suit so I am apt to believe that you could see her rear end while dangling from the ceiling. Beyonce grabbed her crotch & proceeded to get down on her knees where her breast almost fall out of her dress… My children were watching this.

Lawrenceville, GA:

in the grammy show beyonce simulated fellatio+lady gaga’s nude buttocks and vagina was publically aired to the public… we are all totally disgusted by shots of pinks nude buttocks… cbs should be fined BILLIONS just to insure the cbs does not ever publically[sic] air female nudity or shots of women performing a simulated sex or sex act ever again. if tv cannot never air that much male nudity why is it ok to air all that unneccessary[sic] female nudity in he name of art… CBS CROSSED A BIG LINE LAST NIGHT… VERY sadist&misigonistsic°rading[sic] to all female citizen of the usa espically[sic] minor females!!!!

From Pineville, NC:

Lady GAGA [went] too far in the costumn[sic]. The lower section of her skinny attire-is best described as a thong. Just barely enough to cover her lower pubic hair area.

From New Rochelle, NY:

After the black eyed peas used the phrase Mother F’r, my 5 year old now wants to know the definition of that language.

Hmm, I would like to know the “definition” of that “language,” as well!

Offended By Beyoncé Crotch Grabbing [The Smoking Gun]

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