Writer Tries On Marilyn's Wardrobe • Vegetarian Cat Prefers Organic

• A writer for the Times recently tried on Marilyn Monroe’s old clothes and found that she was no where near a size 16. Despite her “out-of-this-world” measurements (36-23-35) Marilyn was probably a UK8. •

• Scientists have come a little bit closer to solving the mystery of what gets sperm in the mood for fertilization. • Aw: a Girl Scout troop from St. Louis decided to use its earnings from the cookies sales to fund a care package for Gene McNeill, a soldier currently serving in Afghanistan. • President Obama has officially recognized April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. • The number of women over 55 who use Facebook has grown roughly 550% in the past six months, making the group one of the quickest growing sectors of the Facebook population. • A member of the Egyptian parliament has proposed a law that would allow television stations to broadcast the hanging of rapists. Many people are against the law, on the grounds that it would encourage the public to sympathize with the rapists, and possibly lead to more girls marrying their attackers in order to save them from public death. • On a slightly more positive note, April 18th has been declared the first anti-harassment day in Egypt. • A 30-second ad for Girls Gone Wild interrupted an early broadcast of the Good Friday service at the Vatican on a Philadelphia cable network. The network blamed it on (what else?) a “glitch.” • According to this article from the Wall Street Journal there is a war happening, a diaper war. • Two female workers are filing a lawsuit against NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection. They claim that the department is rife with sexism, and that over the years they have “grown numb” from finding pornography on their trucks and being called “bitches” and “dykes.” • This fancy feline is being hailed as the UK’s only vegetarian cat. Like the most difficult dinner guests, Dante will only eat organic fruits and vegetables. • Just in case you’ve been dying to know all about Scott Peterson’s life on death row, People has published a helpful guide to the murderer’s daily life. • Scientists believe that postpartum depression may serve an evolutionary function. • A Brazilian woman was refused entry to the UK after border officials discovered that her suitcase was full of lingerie. Officials suspect that she is involved in the sex industry. • Even though no one asked them, PETA has faxed Michelle Obama’s office a letter that urges the first family to “snip” their new dog. • More for the “unsolicited advice” file: Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan advises Obama to keep his “pack leader” frame of mind when playing with the puppy. • Via BoingBoing, the strange case of a man who has “alien hand syndrome” and has been know to engage in involuntary public masturbation. • A Mississippi State University professor asked his students to submit beautiful and ugly words. He found that words with more syllables are more likely to be considered beautiful (like “eloquent”). • Reversing their previous decision, prosecutors have decided to seek the death penalty for Casey Anthony, mother to murdered toddler Caylee Anthony, whose body was found late last year.

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