WTF: GOP-Approved Button Calls Hillary Clinton a Fried Chicken Special


We’ve got awhile until election 2016 season really heats up, but that hasn’t stopped some members of the GOP from bracing themselves against a potential Hillary Clinton run. One strategy: getting merch out there to the masses, like a button that reads “KFC Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs/2 Small Breasts…Left Wing.”

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci tweeted the photo of these buttons last week as she attended a state conference hosted by the California GOP, the same day Governor Rick Perry spoke:

Marinucci noted that the buttons were being sold outside of a VIP reception area and were removed an hour after she posted this photo. She also reported that some members of the GOP were displeased with the pins, telling her that “the buttons didn’t reflect at all the message of the California Republicans — who last weekend highlighted their outreach to women”; one GOP member even offered to remove them himself. Marinucci also says that there will be more to come regarding this story. Does that mean more buttons? Unclear.

Unfortunately for the GOP, this KFC button controversy isn’t even over new content; you can buy this bumper sticker on and allegedly, it’s been featured at an actual KFC. We’re going to need a new crop of bad jokes for 2016 if weird chicken with body-image issues references are being made this early in the game.

Offensive anti-Hillary GOP convention buttons create waves on Twitter [SFChronicle]

Image via AP/Mark Lennihan

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