Wyclef Jean Responds To Sean Penn: "I Have Sweat In My Blood"

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  • Today on The Gayle King Show, Wyclef Jean responded to Sean Penn bashing his run for President of Haiti saying, “I am not absent in Haiti, maybe the tent city you’re in, maybe I’m absent in that.”
  • He continued, “My country is not a city of tents, meaning I can’t use the excuse of people living in tents to say that I’m going to make Haiti a better place. I would like to tell Sean Penn I do not react on emotions when it comes to the Haitian people. I do not have to sacrifice my life and live inside of the tents to prove I am for the Haitian people… I have sweat in my blood.” [E!]
  • More rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio is planning to propose to Bar Refaeli: “He is finally ready to settle down and make it official,” says a source. “Leo has told his closest friend that his mother has been helping him pick out an engagement ring for Bar.” [Celebrity-Mania]
  • Michaele Salahi says she’s considering suing Whoopi Goldberg and The View for defaming her by calling her a “gatecrasher” and turning on the applause sign when Sherri Shepherd told her “you should be in jail.” [Radar]
  • A Virginia attorney says Salahi accused her of assault last year after she touched her lightly on the arm during a court case. “When I saw this (on The View) I thought, this is the same thing, where not even a touching becomes a hit,” she said. [Radar]
  • Charlie Sheen‘s recent court appearances cost taxpayers $20,000. [Radar]
  • Amy Poehler has given birth to her second son with Will Arnett, Abel James Arnett. Her rep says, “Amy, Will, Abel and Archie are all healthy and resting comfortably.” Congrats! [UPI]
  • Hilary Duff has moved her wedding up from October to August 14th. [Perez]
  • Anna Nicole Smith‘s former bodyguard testified today that he saw Howard K. Stern holding up her head and giving her pills when she was too weak to take them on her own. [AP]
  • Britney Spears wore a really short dress to Johnny Rockets and everyone saw her butt when she walked up the stairs. [Daily Mail]
  • Glee spoilers: Jane Lynch says Britney Spears will not appear in the upcoming episode featuring her music. “It’s kind of [about] how Matt [Morrisson]‘s character Mr. Schuster doesn’t see any value in her and the kids really do, and at the end [of the episode], he comes around and he likes [her music] so much, he shaves his head.” [People]
  • Here’s video of the Glee cast goofing around during rehearsal: [ONTD]
  • When asked if he’s dating Jenna Ushkowitz (a.k.a. Tina), Kevin McHale (a.k.a. Artie) said, “We’re friends, we’re good friends… Of course it’s gonna come up because we’re all around each other 24/7. It’s pictures of us on the beach; we were in Monaco; it was fun.” So in a word, yes. [E!]
  • There’s talk of a Valentine’s Day sequel called New Year’s Eve, in which Taylor Swift would be the only character to come back. [E!]
  • Jessica Szohr makes out with porn star Riley Steele in the upcoming horror movie Piranha 3-D. Sounds like a definite Oscar contender. [E!]
  • Debbie Reynolds hasn’t acted since 2006, but she’s just signed on to play Katherine Heigl‘s grandmother in One For The Money. [Deadline]
  • Sandra Bullock was granted a permanent restraining order today against Thomas Weldon, who she claims has been stalking her for years. [TMZ]
  • Lily Allen Tweeted a photo of herself holding up a copy of The Sun with the headline, “Lily: I’m Preggers.” She wrote, “Not quite front page worthy but anyways……….. surreal.” [People]
  • The group that referred Oksana Grigorieva‘s ex-military bodyguards posted a statement on its website saying, “The Bodyguard Group has reviewed both versions of events and ALL of our members agree that ONLY Oksana is being 100% honest … We ask that everyone support Oksana and take a stand against all men who abuse women and children.” [TMZ]
  • Oksana is reportedly upset because Mel Gibson was ordered to pay her legal team $250,000, and her lawyer haven’t shared any of the money with her. [TMZ]
  • Jay-Z‘s book Decoded, a “first-person memoir with detailed discussions of his most famous and provocative lyrics” will come out on November 16. [Rolling Stone]
  • Sean Bean and his fourth wife Georgina Sutcliffe have separated after two years of marriage. [The Sun]
  • Bernie Mac‘s widow is suing his former dermatologist for $50,000, saying he could have saved his life during a routine checkup, but but “failed to recognize and act upon abnormal vital signs and signs of respiratory failure.” [TMZ]
  • Here are some photos of Queen Latifah with her girlfriend: [ONTD]
  • Stop reading if you aren’t caught up on Mad Men. Alexa Alemanni, who plays Allison, says of her character’s decision to sleep with Don, “Matt and I talked about that lot. I think when she goes over there, she really has every intention of getting him in the apartment, and making sure he’s okay, and then continuing on with her night – you get the impression that she’s done it before. And then I think it really all changes when he grabs her hand. What Matt and I talked about is that it’s probable that when she first started working there, she probably had a little crush on him, and that physical contact kind of brings up all those thoughts and that regret. She definitely makes that conscious decision to kiss him back, and I think it’s really understandable how it would happen.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • When Nick Lachey was asked if he’d return to reality TV to star in a show about his relationship with Vanessa Minnillo he said, “There’s nothing in the works right now. I think it would pose a unique set of challenges. I guess the positive is that I’m actually familiar with those challenges. The negative would be I’m also familiar with those challenges. It’s hard to say never to anything. You never know.” We say, stay out of it, Nick Lachey! [Contact Music]
  • Emma Thompson says, “I find the job I do emotionally very demanding. I suffer from occasional mild depression, which I think is a very common thing — it’s fantastically common in my country and probably in yours, too — and it’s a very much hidden thing people don’t talk about. I think it should be discussed.” [Hollywood Reporter]
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