Yeah No Shit, Omarosa 


Omarosa Manigault, one of the many former Trump officials who rode the coattails of a maniac just long enough to turn it into a book deal, says that while working for Trump she “realized that something real and serious was going on in Donald’s brain.” To which I say: no shit!

In an excerpt from her upcoming book, UNHINGED: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, published at the Daily Mail, Manigault writes that she realized Trump’s “mental decline could not be denied” while watching his interview with NBC’s Lester Holt last May.

From the Daily Mail:

‘For the Lester Holt interview, I watched it on a small TV in the upper press room (the lower press room was built on top of the old swimming pool and turned into the briefing room) by the press secretary’s office,’ she writes.
‘Throughout this erratic and contradictory interview, I kept thinking, ‘Oh no! Oh no! This is bad!
‘Donald rambled. He spoke gibberish. He contradicted himself from one sentence to the next.

In the interview, Trump called former FBI director James Comey a “showboat” and “grandstander” and admitted to firing him over “this Russia thing.”

“Many didn’t notice it as keenly as I did because I knew him way back when. They thought Trump was being Trump, off the cuff,” Manigault wrote. “But I knew something wasn’t right.”

Trump may very well be in mental decline, but as far as I know, grabbing women by the pussy and calling immigrants animals are not symptoms of age; they are caused by being a rich white asshole.

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