You Too Can Attend the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! For $16,600.


You can see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in person but you might have to sell your first born, just so you can see some panties.

The lingerie company’s annual fashion show will be held in London for the first time this year. The event is usually attended by fashionistas and celebrities but this year us normals get a pass – a pricey pass. According to the Daily Telegraph, one ticket costs around $16,600 but if you want to party with the beautiful people at the after set, well, that’s about $19,931.25. I hope the guests get a free glass of champagne and a tax refund.

You might wonder where all of this money is going: well, the astute team over at Fashionista found that it “doesn’t seem to go to any sort of good cause.” Okay. Cool. At least us pedestrians see the fashion show on television for the price of our monthly cable package.

Images via Getty.

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