Your Favorite Nostalgic Accessory, the Hair Cloud, Is Back!


If you’ve run out of oily rags and shrimp husks, why not tie up your hair with a piece of the past? Scrunchies are back, and they want to get on your head and nest.

WWD reports that the scrunchie trend is back, though it also never left, because American Apparel has been trolling the public with the threat of scrunchies for years. It’s so confusing. Are we in the ’80s? The early ’00s? Or is there some sort of evil fashion time traveler picking and choosing the worst looks from every decade?

Float me to heaven, because I’m dead

I only know it’s 2018 because scrunchies are getting a rebrand. Denmark label Comfort Objects is converting Hermes scarfs into silk scrunchies that’ll shoot a $112 hole through your wallet. Founder Line Sander Johansen doesn’t like the connotation of calling the product what it is, however, and has renamed the scrunchie a “hair cloud.” Float me to heaven, because I’m dead:

“The Hair Cloud as I named it, instead of the mixed feelings I had about the scrunchie concept, is based on the idea of them looking like silk clouds around the hair, when tied a bit effortless in a bundle.”

Hold your hair up with whatever you want. Old tinsel. A phone cord. Three soggy french fries held together with gum. But don’t put a scrunchie in my hair and tell me it’s weather.

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