You’re Telling Me Ben Affleck Is a Good Actor?

The Dunkin Donuts half of Bennifer is apparently pretty good in his upcoming projects

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You’re Telling Me Ben Affleck Is a Good Actor?
Image:Arturo Holmes (Getty Images)

In all my years I’ve never sat through a Ben Affleck film and thought, this guy is a great actor. Apparently, this view is incorrect. He is a true thespian, an artist (but pronounced with a French accent). Speaking of French accents, Affleck reportedly does not attempt one in his upcoming film, The Last Duel, where he plays Count Pierre d’Alençon a French guy in France talking to Adam Driver and Matt Damon about duels. This, Variety assures me, is one of Affleck’s latest and greatest and a role that could potentially earn him an Oscar nomination. Affleck has two Oscars already neither of which are for acting which only makes me feel like I am right and everyone else is wrong.

Now before anyone dives into the comments section to name the two allegedly good movies Affleck has starred in, The Town and Argo, I have seen them and I remain unimpressed. It’s also worth noting that although Armageddon was a very good movie featuring Ben Affleck’s acting, he himself was not good in that role and we only like him in hindsight because Bruce Willis’s character made it okay to like him. Prove me wrong. You can’t!

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