1 in 5 People Would Bang It Out with a Robot


A recent survey of 2,000 people by Middlesex University found that 1 in 5 members of the British public would willingly have sex with a robot, which means that 4 in 5 members of the British public are liars who would also have sex with a robot.

While 46% of respondents thought that robot technology was advancing too quickly in general, 17% found that it wasn’t coming quickly enough. (Get it? GET IT? COMING? It’s a sex joke.)

As Middlesex University professor Martin Smith puts it, “While many of us worry about the role of technology and machines in modern society, robots are increasingly being developed for important roles that will help protect and improve our lives.”

The most important of roles? That of the advanced sex bot.

But not everyone is entirely sold on the premise of a fuckable android. As one women tells the Daily Beast:

“This obliterates the excitement of the uncertainty of being with a living person and the risk of it all going wrong, which is big part of having sex with someone in the first place.”

Uhhhhhhh, hard pass, but please enjoy all of that human uncertainty while I’m over here hanging out with my new robot boyfriend Beebo. Not to brag, but he speaks binary code, has all the right moves and, like me, also really likes the show Cheers so there’s never any argument over what to watch on Netflix.

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