10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, minivans for aging hipsters, pelican attacks, and how breast implants serve Christianity.

1.) Minivans for aging hipsters
Toyota is trying to remove the stigma of “uncool” from minivans by featuring “cool” parents in its ads. As a 30-year-old married woman who doesn’t feel old, it sort of terrifies me that I’m exactly the demo they’re trying to convince.

2.) The cheat-on-your-wife commercial
There are so many reasons why I find this deplorable and ultimately, confusing.

3.) Judge Judy and supermarket parking lots
JJ was on Larry King Live this week, where she was asked to discuss whether or not celebrities should be held to a higher standard of conduct. She says yes, and accepts this responsibility, giving an example as to why.

3.) Judge Judy and supermarket parking lots
Additionally, I love that she loves Fried Green Tomatoes.

4.) Second-hand embarrassment via Tyra
Tyra interviewed Beyoncé this week, tried out B’s new fragrance, and then did this.

5.) It’s so hard to be a white male Christian with a big-breasted wife

6.) When pelicans attack
A reporter in Australia was reporting from a zoo when a pelican tried to eat him.

7.) Heidi Fleiss and her parrot
Speaking of birds, Heidi Fleiss left Celebrity Rehab, and walked around the streets of Los Angeles with one of her parrots on her shoulder.

8.) The Kardashians’ Quick Trim commercial
Seriously, are they selling a weight loss supplement or an adult party hotline?

9.) More Kardashian confusion
On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott and her brother Rob got shit faced—and seemingly homoerotic—together.

10.) Business as usual on Bad Girls Club
It started like this…

10.) Business as usual on Bad Girls Club
And it ended like this. (BTW, this was about an hour after these same four girls were dancing suggestively with each other.)

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