10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, stripper piñatas scandalize a Texas town, Hoda Kotb sings the IO Digital Cable jingle, and newscasters discuss Sarah Palin’s breasts at length.

1.) Stripper piñatas
People in this town in Texas are freaking out because piñatas in the shape of strippers on poles are on display in a store’s window, subjecting innocent passersby to the horrors of boobs and butts. For all the pearl-clutching that these people are doing, not one of them—including the reporter—mentioned how disturbing it is that these specific piñatas are a bestseller for bachelor parties where men essentially beat the crap out of a woman with a stick in effigy. Why is everyone stupid?

2.) Speaking of stupid…
Gary Coleman’s ex-wife—you know, the one who sold his deathbed pictures to a tabloid—appeared on The Insider this week where she said, “Regardless of our divorce, he was always my husband.” Um, yeah—except for that time that you divorced him, and then all that time after that.

3.) Hoda Kotb loves the IO Digital Cable commercial, too.
And I love that she loves it! And I love that Kathie Lee followed up by singing the Empire jingle.

4.) Jersey Shore goes country
Snooki and The Situation presented an award at the CMT awards with Paula Deen this week. Unlike the members of the audience, I enjoyed all of this. Cheesy and greasy and probably bad for you—it was like one of Paula’s casseroles.

5.) Real World/Road Rules Challenge contestants will not make successful career transition to acting.
Does anyone else want to avoid 711 after seeing this?

6.) Toddlers & Tiaras will one day be used in college psych courses.
If not for the whole living-vicariously-through-your-children thing than for the whole nature-versus-nurture thing. I think it’s great if this kid is encouraged to be as girlie as he wants to be. However, I’m questioning how much of it was pushed on him by his mother. I’m not sure if you can quite tell in this small clip, but she was a monster. Also, if you’re gonna be supportive of your son’s feminine inclinations, then you shouldn’t “worry” about him ending up on “the wrong side of the fence,” since there is no “wrong side.”

7.) More gay kids
A 13-year-old boy called into Watch What Happens to speak to Bethenny and Andy. Apparently, he had recognized Andy Cohen while walking around his town in Long Island earlier in the week and ran up to him to tell him what a fan he was of the Housewives franchise. He is seriously awesome, and as Andy said, he will probably be working for that kid one day.

8.) Ramona’s eyes

9.) Sometimes life is like a Christopher Guest movie.
These newscasters talk at length about Sarah Palin’s tits.

10.) What you haven’t missed
TLC is airing a special called Extreme Poodles on Sunday and it looks amazing. It involves poodles with extreme hairdos competing in a beauty pageant. Sold.

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