10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Stephen Colbert’s interview with a vampire, Janice Dickinson is working those 12 steps, and TMI about Alex Trebek.

1.) WTF moment on daytime TV.
You’d think it was weird enough that a film premiere a “family movie” somehow got switched out with a porno, but then the pregnant lady got stabbed with cocktail wieners.

2.) Janice and the 9th step.
Occasional party girl Janice Dickinson went on Dr. Drew’s HLN show this week to discuss addiction and Amy Winehouse’s death, where she revealed how she’s still struggling with the “rigorous honesty” part of AA, particularly when it comes to cheating on her boyfriend with firemen.

3.) Answer: Completely nude.
Correct question: How does Alex Trebek sleep?

4.) Interview with a vampire.
Earlier this year, Philadelphia homeowner Patrick Rodgers successfully sued Wells Fargo and when they didn’t pay up, he foreclosed on the bank, making him a folk hero of sorts and getting him tons of media attention from local and cable news networks. All of the people who interviewed him, though, failed to question Rodgers on his very apparent vampire fangs, which pissed off Stephen Colbert.

5.) Pick me a winner.
Surprisingly, this is the first booger-eater that’s been featured on Toddlers & Tiaras.

6.) Kelly Osbourne hates Christina Aguilera.
And she’s not afraid to discuss it, saying that X-Tina has been a “cunt” to her and spent many years calling her fat.

7.) “Only in My Nightmares.”
Debbie Gibson’s backup dancers are creepy.

8.) Dryer sheet sandwiches.
A woman on My Strange Addiction this week was addicted to eating dryer sheets. She consumes up to 3000 of them a week. She stores them in bra, along with her bank card and cell phone.

9.) Mack gains 50 lbs.
The promo for the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—premiering in September—looks really promising.

10.) A Mariah moment.

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