10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, 30 Rock does Real Housewives, American Idol takes censorship too far, and Marlee Matlin teaches us about attitude.

1.) “‘My Single Is Dropping’ is dropping.”
This week, 30 Rock spoofed the Real Housewives franchise with Tracy’s wife Angie’s reality show Queen of Jordan. Including a bunch of different elements from the different Housewives cities, it was spot-on with drink-throwing, table flipping, a psychic smoking a fake cigarette, a recurring argument revolving around whether or not someone said something, Angie recording a single (“My Single Is Dropping”), and a gay male best friend/hairdresser/party-planner.

2.) Speaking of Housewives…
This chick is joking about her toddlers being overachievers because they have good “scribbles,” right? Right!? I mean, normally, I would think that someone would be joking about something like this, but this one has actually previously said something to the effect that she believes that God made her beautiful to help with God’s plan—giving no credit to her plastic surgeon.

3.) Censoring gone wild.
This week, American Idol bleeped out “Shih Tzu”—as in the dog breed, and not a zoo where people poop.

4.) Day wasted.
Olivia Munn sat in for Kathie Lee on St. Patrick’s Day and promised that she would get trashed during the fourth hour of Today. She delivered on that promise.

5.) Monkey business.
Instead of having a monkey on her back, one woman has one on her chest—she carries her 7-week-old monkey around in her bra. There’s nothing newsworthy about any of this, but the monkey is pretty cute.

6.) American Sign Language for “attitude.”
Image via Rich.

7.) Kathy Griffin on Barbara Walters.
On Watch What Happens, Kathy explains why she regrets having pissed off Barbara Walters, because it means that she will never be on one Babs’ specials and receive that soft-focus lighting.

8.) Meanwhile…
Kathy gave herself the Barbara Walters lighting treatment on her comedy special 50 & Not Pregnant.

9.) Look at the these fucking hippies.
“Wow, you have a baby that your mom raises? That’s really cool. Do you party?”

10.) Obligatory little old lady clip of the week.

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