27 Fully Made Up Things You Don't Know About Kate Hudson


Welcome to 27 Made Up Things You Didn’t Know About Me, a feature where celebrities reveal spicy and fun facts that you didn’t know about them!

This column was written by Bobby Finger and Madeleine Davies. It is entirely made up, but also probably 100% true.

  1. I don’t really “get” Almost Famous.
  2. My children are my LIFE!
  3. I’m voting for Bernie (Mac. I love him.)
  4. Bernie Mac is dead?!
  5. My favorite Goldie Hawn movie is Housesitter.
  6. My favorite Kurt Russell movie is Captain Ron.
  7. I have no idea what “Fabletics” actually are, but they pay me so much money to say I do!
  8. When working out, I wear Lululemon activewear exclusively.
  9. Fitness is my LIFE!
  10. Sometimes I read about the teachings of Scientology and think, “Maybe this is for me.”
  11. Actually, I feel that way about most religions.
  12. I make sure to get 13 hours of sleep a night.
  13. My best friend is my brother, Oliver Hudson. We shared a bedroom until I turned 28!
  14. The most valuable advice I’ve ever received was from Ryan Murphy. He told me, “Stop, Kate. I’m serious.”
  15. I have never had sex with Nick Jonas.
  16. Hahaha I was crossing my fingers!
  17. I told Kurt that I saw The Hateful 8, but I was lying.
  18. I was actually at Whole Foods buying chia seeds. I got eight pounds! That’s a lot of chia seeds!
  19. Chia seeds are my LIFE!
  20. I’m more than capable of losing a guy in 10 days. In fact, I could probably lose one in five! Our three! Dare me to lose a guy in one day? Because I can.
  21. When I signed on for Bride Wars, I thought it was a documentary. I still kinda think that.
  22. Honestly, I can’t name that many of my movies, either!
  23. I’m on my IMDB page right now. What the hell was The Skeleton Key?
  24. I’m not very, very drunk right now.
  25. Hahaha I was crossing my fingers!
  26. If I could live in any era, it would be the ‘50s because A.) I would have convinced the U.S. government to bomb Russia and B.) I love Buddy Holly!
  27. Listing things is my LIFE!

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