45-Year-Old Creep Posing as Harry Styles Convinced Girls to Get Naked


Today in horrifying, a 45-year-old Connecticut man named John Eastman is being accused of posing as Harry Styles from One Direction and convincing young girls to pose naked and perform sex acts online.

The AP reports:

According to an arrest warrant, Eastman used the screen name Harry.Styles888 on Skype and had pictures of the One Direction singer on his computer, which were used to convince children he was the 19-year-old Styles.
“My hope is that the girl will show me herself on camera and then pose in a sexual manner, or perform some kind of sex act for me to see,” Eastman told detectives, according to his arrest warrant.
Eastman would sometimes offer concert tickets in exchange for children posing naked or performing sex acts online, authorities said.

Cops say that when they seized Eastman’s computer, he had more than 500 images of child pornography — including webcam images of kids AS YOUNG AS 5. For the love of God. Disgusting.

According to the report, Eastman was actually on the sex offender registry for ten years — but was removed in 2009.

While technology — from Twitter to Instagram — has made it easier than ever to get up-close and personal with celebrities, it seems like it’s also made it easier for awful predators to inflict harm. Meanwhile, a few questions remain: How and why did this guy get removed from the sex offender registry? And would being on it have prevented him from being prey on children in such a terrible way?

[AP via ABC News, Republican American]

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