A Felicity Reboot? Okay, Fine.


The cast of Felicity is meeting up at the ATX TV 2018 Festival for their 20th anniversary, and the vibe is very: “Get your phones out for a big announcement.” It’s sort of like a marriage proposal on Christmas—everyone will already be there, so let’s do it.

E! Online reports that Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Tangi Miller, Amanda Foreman, Amy Jo Johnson, and Ian Gomez will all be on hand in Austin this summer. Russell is already fielding direct questions about the reunion, as you can see in this clip from Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. A fan demands answers about the rumored return of the beloved nineties college drama. Russell’s partner and co-star on The Americans, Matthew Rhys, responds to the question dryly, saying, “Tell them about the feature film you’re not supposed to talk about.”

Oh, so it’s a film.

“I can tell you that we’re going, and…that’s it,” says Russell, meaning Austin.

ATX is the birthplace of other revivals, like Gilmore Girls, which announced its Netflix special shortly after their 2015 reunion at the festival. it certainly seems like something is up, or Russell would just say, “No.”

You know what? Fine. I’ve tried to argue against reboots, I’ve wondered what they could possibly offer that the conclusion of the show did not, nad I’ve watched aghast as they continue to roll out and obliterate the ratings of shows that don’t have that nostalgia steroid power. Felicity is coming. But I will say this.

What will happen with Keri Russell’s ’do? The Americans has offered us a plethora of wigs. She’s obviously rocking that blow out on a daily basis. But Felicity was famous for her long curly hair, so much so that the show’s ratings notoriously plummeted when she cut it off. How will she be coiffed? Will we get more wigs? This is my only question about the reboot, and, I believe, the only one that matters.

Here’s more of Russell and Rhys, if you are for some reason absolutely obsessed with them.

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