A Manhattan Socialite Fell Through a Trap Door at Pottery Barn Teen and I Want to Too

A Manhattan Socialite Fell Through a Trap Door at Pottery Barn Teen and I Want to Too
Marlee Lauren and Jane Scher Image: (Getty)

There was a common, and more-than-slightly messed up fantasy held by myself and my college friends (and I’m pretty sure students at almost every university in the United States), which was the hope that one day we’d be hit by the university bus. Not like hit and killed of course, just hit and hurt badly enough that we’d be able to recoup our tuition money, pay for the rest of our schooling, and maybe have enough left over to name a building after ourselves on campus (or just graduate debt free). Unfortunately and thankfully, neither myself nor any of my friends were ever hit by the university bus.

I’ve always wondered what the post-baccalaureate version of wishing you’d get hit by the university bus was, and now, thanks to Manhattan socialite Jane Scher, I think I finally have my answer. Falling down a trap door at Pottery Barn Teen! Of course, I’ll have to wait to find out what the result of the lawsuit Scher has filed against both Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn Teen is before I’ll know for sure, but hey, it’s a start.

Scher, who is a cosmetic nurse at SkinTight MedSpa, said that while she was Black Friday shopping at Pottery Barn Teen she fell down “an unprotected … hole in the floor that was not guarded, barricaded or warned against in any manner.” While she didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries, thank God, Scher did note that she couldn’t ski anymore, nor could she take workout classes with Tracy Anderson although she had previously been taking “the hardest” classes from Anderson herself.

In addition to losing the ability to ski or workout with Tracy Anderson, Scher also tore the J. Mendel mink coat she was wearing, and damaged the Van Cleef & Arpels bracelets she had on which are worth somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000. With a price tag like that you’d think they would be able to survive a tumble, but alas, sometimes things that are expensive, are worse. Luckily, it appears the Birkin bag she was carrying withstood the fall.

Also luckily, her assistant was with her at the time of the fall and was able to call 911 to have Scher taken to the ER, where her daughter was waiting for her with a manicurist and colorist, “My daughter knows I’m very vain” Scher said. My sister pointed out that I had cream cheese on my chin this morning thirty minutes after breakfast, so I very much understand the sentiment.

Robert J. Hantman, Scher’s attorney said “Safety for customers is Ms. Scher’s main concern and she hopes for a fast and fair resolution.” I too am looking forward to a fast resolution. While the lawsuit she’s filed is currently seeing “unspecified damages,” I hope at some point they become specified, so I will be able to determine whether or not I need to start making more regular visits to a certain dimly lit Pottery Barn Teen with questionable flooring.

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