A Read On The Script From The "Playboy" TV Show


We were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of the Playboy TV series pilot script. We already knew it was about the glory days of the Chicago-based bunny-empire. But things about it were…surprising.

Spoilers ahead!

Yes, there are retro bunnies galore! The details of the club scenes, one can only assume, hew with some accuracy to the historical reality.

[Click on image to enlarge]
There’s a Don Draper-esque enigma at the heart of things. And a new-in-town Bunny named Maureen. Plus assorted supporting Bunnies, key-holders and toughs. Hef does not make the scene — although he is invoked. The most interesting bits show us what life was like for these girls — little details like the door-bunny not being allowed to wear a coat in the Chicago winter, or a married woman who’s not allowed to wear her wedding ring while she works the coat-check. But I have my suspicions that the show is more interested in — how shall I put it? — less-historical matters. The evidence?

Yes. She put her stiletto through someone’s skull. But what happens in the mansion stays in the mansion, right?

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