Adorable Little Girl Lets Cow In Her House So She Can Cuddle With It

You will forgive* this adorable little girl for letting a cow into her house without telling her mom.

There are so many wonderful things about this video of a little girl making friends with a cow—her explaining the cow’s entrance, the sleeping dog next to the cow, HER SNUGGLING WITH THE COW—there’s almost too many to chose from. She did prove something very important. (FYI, the dog in this video is pretty much my dog, down to the way it cares about none of this running around and talking about things other than when the food/walk/toy time is coming.) Think about it, if it weren’t for fears of giant piles of very stinky poo, you would totally let cows come in and snuggle with you. But yeah, that cow needs to go back outside before the poo comes. Sorry, little girl.

*You’ll forgive the little girl, but I doubt you’ll forgive the mom for shooting in vertical mode.

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