All Beckys to Report to the Roseanne Revival


ABC has confirmed that the rumored Roseanne reboot has been greenlit for an eight-episode run to begin next year. Deadline reports that John Goodman has been cast to return, which maybe means that Dan didn’t die after all, as was revealed on the series finale. Or maybe Dan is dead and he’s just…come back, as they sometimes do. (Deadline points to a 2009 blog post in which Roseanne Bar wrote that Dan could come back on a reunion show by revealing that he faked his own death.)

In fact, the entire original cast of the show’s nuclear family is set to return, including both actors who played Becky: Lecy Goranson, who originated the role, and Sarah Chalke, who took over the role when Goranson left the show multiple times. Deadline says Goranson will play Becky, while Chalke “will also appear in another role” (note Chalke made a cameo during the show’s 1995 Halloween episode, after Goranson had rejoined the cast). I think they should both play Becky in the reboot, switching off randomly like Carole Bouquet and Ángela Molina in That Obscure Object of Desire, but sadly, ABC doesn’t care about my opinions or Buñuel references.

As far as the show’s actual content, Deadline says, “The Conner family will continue to deal with the economic challenges of living pay check to pay check in 2018.” The more things (and Beckys) change, the more they stay the same.

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