All the Best Looks From the Biden-Harris Inauguration

All the Best Looks From the Biden-Harris Inauguration
Image:Alex Wong (Getty Images)

The inauguration! It’s a thing that just happened, to which many people, among them the most powerful women in the world, wore clothes. Some of the clothes were good and some of the clothes were bad, but mostly, the clothes could best be described as “memorable.”

“In a moment like this,” as it’s been described, perhaps it’s frivolous to fixate on what people wore to arguably the most anticipated inauguration since at least Obama’s first swearing-in. But I’m a frivolous person, and this entire political pageant, is, at its core, frivolous. Consider this me just playing my part in the affairs.

First up is Nancy Pelosi, who appeared looking a bit windswept, and like she’d spent more than most people’s monthly salary on her blowout. As Nancy goes, the outfit is fine, but the blue in particular can be called a “bold choice.” The matching face mask is at least nice, and she’s done her best to rifle through her walk-in closet for glasses that evoke Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada. Good for her!

Image:Getty (Getty Images)

And then there’s my former representative, and one of the best Congress has to offer, Rep. Barbara Lee of California, in Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm’s pearls. She looks amazing, and the butterflies on the mask are a nice touch.

Vice President Kamala Harris also wore one of my personal Designers of the Moment, Christopher John Rogers. Her fit is in that classic Rogers purple, which might not have worked the best for television cameras, but was definitely the boldest ensemble of the inauguration—at the least, the most talked about.

Image:Jon Readle (Getty Images)

First Ladyy Jill Biden wore custom Markarian, in a coat and dress that looked almost identical to what I would imagine the house might send Laura Dern to the Oscars in. It’s a beautiful blue, even if I could have done without the sheer neckline.

Image:Jonathan Ernst (Getty Images)

Before we go much further, I would like to commend stand-up comedian and hype woman Amy Klobuchar on the success she had at keeping her bob mostly in place, even with the high winds at the Capitol.

Image:Patrick Semansky (Getty Images)

Ok, here’s the thing. I really love this belt buckle on Michelle Obama. The leather gloves are stellar, and the mask makes it look like she’s a secret agent on a top-secret spy mission—very Carmen Sandiego, even. But the off-red pants distract me in a way I do not enjoy, and that’s a huge bummer. I would have opted for leather, maybe even blood-red faux-crocodile, like the ones Roberto Cavalli just sent down the runway.

Image:Win McNamee (Getty Images)

My personal favorite outfit of the inauguration comes courtesy of Amanda Gorman, National Youth Poet Laureate, who delivered her poem “In This Place: An American Lyric.” The coat is obviously custom Miuccia Prada, in the style of her iconic “youth” label Miu Miu. Gorman also told Vogue that her earrings are a tribute to Maya Angelou. As she explains it, Oprah sent Angelou earrings and a coat for the 1993 inauguration, and for today’s ceremony, she likewise sent Gorman some earrings.

It’s those tiny, brilliant touches that pull her look together. The satin headpiece is sublime, as is the large chunky ring and matching buttons on the coat. Great job Miucca—excellent job Gorman!

Image:Alex Wong (Getty Images)

Elsewhere is Lady Gaga in a personal favorite of mine, Schiaparelli. It feels almost prophetic, really, of the last four years, that she would wear the exact same silhouette to the Venice Film Festival, the 2019 Oscars, and then the inauguration. Please, Daniel Roseberry, I’m begging you to venture away from the rouched skirt and fitted bust for just a little bit!

Image:TASOS KATOPODIS (Getty Images)

Here’s Jennifer Lopez in Chanel. It’s not the house’s best work, and the ruffled cravat on the blouse does her no favors. But it is unmistakably Chanel, and it definitely looks expensive, so at least she has both of those going for her.

Image:Alex Wong (Getty Images)

In the background of Lopez’s shot above is Meena Harris, VP Harris’ niece. She’s in an unmistakable Ulla Johnson prairie-style dress, popular amongst most people these days. I love the green!

Image:Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

Let me also go on a brief tangent, in honor of Bernie Sanders, who refused to indulge in the fashion pageantry, and instead opted for a $20 jacket from what is probably Old Navy, and the biggest mittens he could find. Best dressed by a mile!

Next up are Harris’ stepchildren, but specifically Ella Emhoff. If I had to guess, this is Miu Miu. Love the sparkle, hate the collar!

Image:Olivier Douliery (Getty Images)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. OK! I think that’s enough fashion for the day.

Image:Jonathan Ernst (Getty Images)

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