Alligator Life Imitates Alligator Art in Florida

Alligator Life Imitates Alligator Art in Florida
Image: (via Getty)

It seems the alligators in Florida who are not living inside various yoga pants have become aware of the inexplicable success of the killer alligator movie Crawl, as several of them appear to be angling for roles in the sequel.

West Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV reports that two alligators, one in St. Petersburg and one in Jacksonville, were spotted this week doing some unusually daring stunts. On Thursday, a St. Petersburg man filmed one alligator as it swam in a giant puddle in the middle of an intersection.

“I was wondering why people were out video taping in the pouring rain and people backing up in the right turn lane that the gator was in,” Roger Light, Jr. wrote on Facebook.

And in Jacksonville, someone filmed an alligator climbing over a fence at a naval air station, which was pretty fucking wild:

Though it does occasionally happen, it’s not really common for alligators to take swims in the middle of the road or scale high fences, and a double sighting in just one week seems a tad out of the ordinary.

Hence, of course, my assertion that these alligators are just trying to get Sam Raimi’s attention, though I assume they’ll have to learn to stake out a human home in the middle of a hurricane and swallow several of them whole if they really want a spot in the likely impending franchise.

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