Amanda Bynes Had Nose Surgery and You Didn't Even Send Her Flowers

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You totally forgot to send Amanda Bynes those get-well-soon flowers you’d been planning to send her the day of her penultimate nose surgery (just one more to go!), didn’t you? Well, that day was yesterday, and now you’ll have to wait who knows how long before you can express your well wishes to Amanda with a tasteful arrangement of peonies.

Saturday morning, Bynes tweeted that she was having surgery on that stubborn nose of hers. She followed that announcement up with a reassurance to all her many, many fans that she made it out of surgery “alive,” and that they could all expect a Nip/Tuck-style surgery video soon. In related Amanda Bynes body image news, she also had her breast implants removed recently because, she explained, “They were uncomfortable…I prefer them out.” [E!, Radar]

  • Sure, Bill Maher mused out loud on his cable television program, Paula Deen said some terrible, awful stuff, but does that really mean she needs to be sentenced to the Phantom Zone for the next three millennia? Yup, that’s exactly what it means, agreed Bill Maher’s guests. [Atlantic Wire]
  • Paula Deen’s QVC crockery empire may also be crumbling. [TMZ]
  • Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift had dinner together at a Chili’s in Massachusetts as if they were normal people. [HuffPo]
  • Demi Lovato‘s dad, Patrick Lovato, has passed away. [Us]
  • “At the time, it was actually a little frustrating for us as a show because we would get good ratings, but we weren’t a hit the way that, say, Sabrina the Teenage Witch…was.” That was Rider Strong, ladies and gentlemen, making the 90s seem like a very long time ago. Next up, we’ll be featuring William Daniels with his incredible nostalgia machine! [Yahoo]
  • Oh, also, Carson Daly has turned 40. [VH1]
  • With new friends like Michael Lohan, Tan Mom can rest assured that all the bad things that happen to her from now on are Michael Lohan’s fault. [E!]
  • Eric Decker and Jessie James from Love and Other Contact Sports got married yesterday, and it was like, fuck, marriage is such a hassle. [E!]
  • NeNe Leakes remarried Gregg Leakes, a man who could totally get work as a close-up stunt man for Forest Whitaker. I mean, how many people can honestly say that? Much respect, Ghost Dog. [Us]
  • Rihanna is in Amsterdam, and we know this because her Instagram account features a picture of her with two freakshow-sized joints balanced between her teeth. What did you do with your Saturday night? Watch the first ten minutes of five shitty Netflix documentaries, like a boner? [E!]
  • A businessman assures the Mirror that Charles Saatchi, the now-infamous husband of Nigella Lawson, is an equal-opportunity choker. [Mirror]
  • Using its fifth-grader voice, TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian is really enthusiastic about breast feeding her daughter. Eek, boobies! OMFG!!!! [TMZ]

Image via Getty, Jason Merritt

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