Amanda Knox's Ex Uses Odd 'Not a Puppy' Defense in Re-Trial


So the Amanda Knox/Raffaele Sollecito murder trial marches on, with Sollecito’s defense basically saying “let it go” to the prosecution, only in a more dramatically pithy manner.

“For some investigators, the first suspects are like first loves: never forgotten,” CBS News quotes Giulia Bongiorno, Sollecito’s lawyer, as saying. In making this pronouncement, she implied that the prosecution was desperate to “reconcile the irreconcilable” about Knox and Sollecito’s alleged participation in Meredith Kercher’s 2007 murder, even after another man was convicted for the crime.

As for her client participating in the killing because of some fascination with Knox, Bongiorno had this to say: “Raffaele was not a puppy. He wouldn’t have killed for the love of Amanda.”

It’s too soon to tell if the court will buy this defense. All I know is that if I were on trial for murder, I’d want a lawyer like Bongiorno on my side.

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