Amorous Moose Meets the Inanimate Love of His Moose Life


A moose in Grand Lake, Colorado has become enraptured with another moose, which would typically be just cute and so “look at those moose in love” (remember, the plural of moose is moose), except in this case one of the moose is just a statue.

“The picture we will show you leaves room for imagination,” says USA Today of the image above. It certainly does, given that that’s just a picture of a moose nuzzling the behind of its moose statue friend/potential lover and not a picture of a live moose humping the statue of a moose, which, according to townsfolk, has been happening at all hours of the day.

There are three issues at stake here:

1. Is this objectum sexuality?

2. Can animals experience that?

3. Can a statue consent?

Moose falls “in love” with statue [USA Today]

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