Amy Schumer, Being Blamed for a National Tampon Shortage, Quips: ‘I Don’t Even Have a Uterus’

Proctor & Gamble, the manufacturer of Tampax, claims the comedian's commercials caused retail sales growth to explode.

Amy Schumer, Being Blamed for a National Tampon Shortage, Quips: ‘I Don’t Even Have a Uterus’
Image:Pacific Press / Contributor

The suppliers of the most popular brand of tampons are comically blaming the nationwide shortage of Tampax tampons on Amy Schumer, who starred in a series of commercials for the product in 2020.

In an interview with Time Magazine, the spokeswoman for Proctor & Gamble, the manufacturer of Tampax, confirmed that “retail sales has exploded” ever since the New York-bred comedian removed the stigma from chatting about periods. And according to Cheri McMaster, the Schumer Effect has caused a spike demand for Tampax tampons, which soared up to 7.7 percent within the last two years.

Following P&G’s excuse for a situation that’s rapidly reaching a full-on emergency, the alleged culprit herself couldn’t resist the urge to send out a rebuttal via Instagram: Schumer posted the NY Post headline “Why Amy Schumer Is Getting Blamed For The National Tampon Shortage” and captioned it, “Whoa I don’t even have a uterus,” referring to her endometriosis surgery last year, which involved the removal of her uterus.

But seriously: It’s a crime that tampons aren’t free, in addition to being expensive and presently lacking on store shelves.

This is not just a Tampax problem: Other brands are also experiencing tampon shortages, including Playtex and Kotex, and some experts note that the low supply of raw materials can hamper the supply chain and make it harder to keep up with production. Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilinc, “a leading provider of AI-based supply chain data monitoring,” spoke to the Today show about the ongoing shortages: “Key materials used in production and packaging, like plastic and paper, are highly constrained. In fact, paper shortages are impacting packaging in nearly every industry. Feminine care products appear to be the most recent obvious victim.” Cool, cool. We’ll all just squat in a Red Tent and bleed out for the foreseeable.

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