Amy Schumer Realizes Military Games Are Not Fun for Female Characters


Amy Schumer continues to wonderfully tackle sexism and general gender bullshit on her show — her newest sketch takes on the subject of rape in the armed forces via a “very realistic military game.”

In it, Amy tries to play a hyper-realistic Call of Duty-esque game as a female character, but she finds that her experience is quite different as a woman — after she’s sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier in the barracks, her gameplay consists of doing a lot of paperwork and then facing a character assassination squad at the Pentagon. Meanwhile, her IRL boyfriend (A METAPHOR FOR THE UNCARING MASSES) unhelpfully blames her and refuses to help: “That’s never happened to me; you must have pressed the wrong button. That’s not part of the game.”

The sketch is great because manages to do something so few other denizens of Comedy Central (cough, Daniel Tosh) have been capable of: it makes a rape joke that works — one that lampoons our bizarre, fucked up society for overlooking and tacitly condoning a sexual assault epidemic and not the victims of those assaults. A+.

Inside Amy Schumer
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