Anastasia's Got a Gun in the New Fifty Shades Freed Trailer


The Fifty Shades Freed trailer has given us creepiness, hot freaky sex, and now, finally, the dramatic combination of actual firearms and the suggestion of motherhood.

This new trailer focuses on Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s journey from meet-cute face-planting to holy matrimony. Remember when she touched his chest? Remember The Ring? In a way, we’ve all been on this journey together and are changed by it. Grey recites his vow to protect and honor his wifey over a montage of their blissful wedded state, and it will make you feel so. safe.

But things are afoot.

Various people, places, and situations threaten this perfect union, but Anastasia isn’t little awkward college grad Ana Steele anymore. She’s Mrs. Grey, and she has a gun. If all of that isn’t enough, the very last three seconds of the trailer dumps the news that she is preggo! Mama Grey is growing a tiny hard-jawed baby inside her, and if that doesn’t make you horny enough to see this thing, we don’t know what will.

But didn’t Christian pay to have her shot full of birth control? Maybe I’m confusing the books with the movie or my personal sex fantasy with the entire series.

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