Andy Richter and Others Take Over Macabre #HeavenIsForRealMovie


A cryptic series of tweets from the inspiration behind a new movie about the afterlife launched a rather hilarious Twitter frenzy late last night.

For those that don’t care or practice Satanism, Heaven is For Real is a heavily Christian-themed movie based on a book about a young boy, Colton Burpo, who wakes from a coma and claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience. Much of the movie is the youngster telling awestruck adults about things he couldn’t possibly know about in his matter-of-fact, childlike and innocent way. As you can imagine, a lot has been written and discussed about this movie and Burpo’s story. The film, starring Greg Kinnear (who has come a long way since his Auto Focus days) has so far made more than $32 million at the box office. Turns out, lots of people are moved and touched by this boy’s reported experiences. Great; let’s buy an extra large tub of buttered popcorn and ponder the existence of the afterlife.

Except last night, the Colton Burpo Twitter account (which most people agree isn’t being operated by the young boy at all, but rather his parents or some heavily stoned/deluded film marketing people) sent out a series of rather macabre tweets, for some reason:

HOLY SHIT. What the hell? “Ready to die” sounds like a message from someone about to commit mass murder. That’s way harsh, Tai, I know. But I can’t ignore the terrifying chill running up my spine and screaming for dear life when I read this tweet. And neither could a bunch of other people. This is pretty heavy stuff for a young kid who, keep in mind, has already almost died once in his young life.

Plenty of people responded with their own questions and snarky comebacks to the bizarre tweets. Sure, there are lots of smart-asses on Twitter. But none with a smarter ass than comedian Andy Richter, who stepped in with a resounding and glorious “WTF” of his own:

Richter followed up with a bunch of pictures that definitely, totally prove Heaven is for absolute real, too:

Then of course, everyone else followed suit:

There’s plenty more here if anyone wants to submit their own.

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