Angel Haze's New Video Could Convince You That It's Still Summer


Angel Haze’s single “Echelon (It’s My Way)” came out just as summer was coming to a close, but as it’s October and the backyard dirt bike party video for the track just dropped, you could probably keep pretending that it’s beautiful and lazy out for a little longer.

Haze fans might notice fellow rapper/friend of Grimes Brooke Candy and Dog the Bounty Hunter amongst the revelers, some of whom generally look like they’re having the best time of their lives simply running rampant through a bodega. As for the rap itself: Haze talks fashion (“Fuck dudes in rag and bone/Obsess over chicks who look like Mary Kate and Ashley clones”) and being super cool (“Never catch me at the club/I get high and dance alone”). Who doesn’t, you know?

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