ANTM Judges Are "Depressed" By What They See


Last night’s episode was a testament to the fact that Tyra needs to be on more of the show than just the panel portion. Things are entirely too dignified when she’s absent.

I love how pathetic the My Life as a CoverGirl spots continue to be. In the past, they would involve trips to makeup factories and meet-and-greets at Wal-Mart, but at least people were seeing the girls’ faces. Last night’s installment showed McKey being the face of CoverGirl…on the radio. Because models should be heard and not seen?

This was inadequately addressed when McKey said, “Today, I am going on the radio. Even though listeners can’t see me, it’s all about looking my best.”

Now for some weirdness. The Jill Stuart pants that Allison modeled in the runway show reminded me of my favorite picture of Liza Minnelli.

Bored models spend their time in weird ways.

Sandra’s hair was beyond weird. It looked like the fiber optic lamps my friend’s trendy mom had around her home circa ’87.

More weirdness: Elroy Jetson.

Also, did you catch the Hannah Montana movie commercial? Tyra’s in it!

She’s unleashing her inner-fierceness.

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