Apparently, Alyssa Milano Ruined Charmed

Holly Marie Combs claimed that her former co-star forced Shannen Doherty out. Are we surprised???

Dirt Bag Alyssa Milano
Apparently, Alyssa Milano Ruined Charmed

On Monday’s episode of Shannen Doherty’s podcast Let’s Be Clear, her guest and former co-star, Holly Marie Combs, was as clear as crystal when it came to Doherty’s abrupt departure (read: firing) from the hit WB series, Charmed.

On the episode, Combs recalled a meeting with the show’s producer, Jonathan Levine, in which Doherty’s absence was discussed in the early 2000s. Apparently, their former co-star and wannabe rebel with several causes, Alyssa Milano, was responsible for forcing Doherty out.

“He said, ‘We didn’t mean to—but we’ve been backed into this corner—we’re basically in this position where it’s one or the other,’” Combs told Doherty. “‘We were told [by Alyssa] it’s her or [Shannen] and Alyssa has threatened to sue us for a hostile workplace environment.’”

According to Combs, Milano had “documented every time she felt uncomfortable on set” and seemed to have been building quite the case with some rather weighty allegations. Remarkably though, Combs—who starred in Charmed from 1998 to 2006—and Doherty have both acknowledged “tension” but denied witnessing or participating in any exchanges of “harsh words” or “brawls” happening behind the scenes.

“I lived a year after that sort of replaying everything in my brain and really trying to find those moments [of alleged bad behavior on set]—and I couldn’t find them,” Doherty explained. When she was eventually axed, Combs said she also threatened to leave the show but Levin allegedly delivered an ultimatum to her, too. A hex on his house!

Frankly, given other allegations against Milano’s behavior, I’m not one bit surprised by these charges. Real Charmed fans (me) know that after Doherty was written off in season three, she was replaced by Rose McGowan, who, historically, has not had very nice things to say about Milano either. In fact, McGowan once deemed her a “lizard person” and accused her of hijacking the MeToo movement. This aside, Milano’s Twitter presence is proof enough that she’s at least insufferable…fortunately, she seems to have toned down her Biden boot-licking these days.

Since the 2020 reunion sucked, perhaps it’s now time for another sans a certain person…

While we’re on the topic of Hollywood weirdos: On Monday, Alec Baldwin attempted to berate pro-Palestine protestors at a demonstration in New York. However, videos—that are absolutely worth a watch—show they did not take his shit and Baldwin soon required a police escort from the melee.

We love to see it!

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