Apparently, Donna Kelce’s Spilling About a Certain Double Date at a QVC Event

It's almost like no one's told Donna that loose lips sink ships all the damn time...

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Apparently, Donna Kelce’s Spilling About a Certain Double Date at a QVC Event

This week, the QVC is hosting what they call the Age of Possibility summit in Las Vegas. The event, according to its website, is a “first of its kind” conference in which women 50 and over are able to live their best lives. I’m guessing my mother’s invitation got lost in the mail, but guess which woman over 50 did not? Ms. Donna Kelce!

According to multiple outlets, Kelce has, in fact, been living her best life at the convention for “authentic and inspiring female celebrities, activists, business leaders and lifestyle experts who exemplify the possibilities of life over 50.” Among those who’ve been recognized are Christina Applegate, Patti LaBelle, Rita Wilson, Naomi Watts, Martha Stewart, and Queen Latifah. Kelce has been rubbing elbows with all of them and according to sources, getting real chatty about her youngest son’s latest double date with Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid.

Kelce, according to one report, was overheard telling folks that Tayvis (Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift) were recently joined by the unlikely couple in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Travis, People reported, even sent his mother a photo. I mean, are you even enjoying Carmel-by-the-Sea if you’re not texting your mom about it?

Now, even though he is very notably not a woman over 50 living his best life, Cooper also happened to drop by the summit. His food truck Danny and Coops Philly Cheesesteak, was on hand to serve up some sandwiches to attendees (including that former Golden Bachelor contestant who looks like Kris Jenner) at the event. Kelce, it’s reported, went right on up to him and said: “Travis told me you were going to be here.” Sidenote: Do we think the Kelces saw Maestro?

Anyway! Ms. Kelce has made like any Ohio matriarch by practically becoming a Today correspondent on her son’s relationship with Swift. She made a few appearances between October 2023 (when it all began) and February 2024 (when the internet imploded after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win).

Clearly, girlie loves to gossip, and the fact that she’s been doing so at a home shopping network event? Just mom things!

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