Are Bristol & Sarah Palin Feuding Over Gay Marriage?


Sarah Palin’s worst nightmare may be coming true. After Bristol spent time with liberal Hollywood types on Dancing With The Stars she developed a newfound sensitivity to people of all races, creeds, and religions!

Or at least, that’s what the National Enquirer would have us believe. The trashtastic rag reports (via The Daily Mail) that since being released from the confines of Wasilla, Bristol has become increasingly liberal. Says an insider, who may or may not exist:

“Bristol is completely rebelling against her mother — now that she’s experiencing life outside of Alaska and away from Sara … She has opened her eyes and realized how sheltered and programmed she was.”

Supposedly while working on Dancing With The Stars with dancer Louis Van Amstel, who is gay, as well as people of all types of sexual orientations backstage, Bristol’s views changed on marriage equality. The source continues:

“When Bristol told Sarah that she is thinking of supporting gay marriage and doesn’t believe religion should have anything to do with equal rights for all, Sarah began fuming.[She] told her she better never go public with that thought, fearing it would hurt her political career … Bristol told her mother that she’s a grown woman who makes her own living and is free to believe what she wants. If Sarah doesn’t accept her, she isn’t welcome in her home.”

Take that, mom!

In all likelihood, the Enquirer was just looking for a good story about mother-daughter bickering (we do prefer this silliness to morose tales of John Edwards plotting to off himself). However, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a prominent Republican family split over gay rights. Meghan McCain is pro-gay marriage and former First Daughter Barbara Bush has filmed a message supporting marriage equality. (Even Cindy McCain has sort-of opposed her husband on the issue.) Sadly, we can’t even rely on the Enquirer to sop up spilled coffee, so lets start our own unfounded rumor here and now: Insiders say that while sitting together at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Glee‘s Chris Colfer changed Bristol’s tune with a private performance of “Born This Way.”

Back Off Mom! Newly-Liberal Bristol Palin ‘Bans Controlling Mother Sarah From Her Home’ – Because She’s Too Republican [Daily Mail]

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