Army Ranger School Officially Opens to Female Soldiers


The United States Army has made the decision to allow all qualified servicewomen to attend its renowned Ranger School. The announcement comes after the historic graduations of Shaye Haver and Kristen Griest, the first women to complete the elite training program.

The school had only been open to men until this past April, when nineteen women were allowed to begin the course, reports USA Today. In August, Haver and Griest completed the physically demanding program. A third female soldier is still in training.

“We must ensure that this training opportunity is available to all soldiers who are qualified and capable, and we continue to look for ways to select, train and retain the best soldiers to meet our nation’s needs,” said Army Secretary John McHugh in a press statement. While soldiers earn coveted Ranger Tabs after completing the onerous two-month course, it is separate from the 75th Ranger Regiment. The special operations force is currently still closed to female soldiers, but may change by the end of the year.

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