Arrested Development Producer Brings Us CollegeHumor's First Movie


CollegeHumor is branching out from songs about Instagram and shorts about drugged up Disney Princesses, and hitting the multiplex with their first big venture.

The details:

The film, written and directed by Arrested Development producer Brad Copeland, stars Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as Will, a website manager who uses a local coffee shop as his home base. When Will learns that the shop’s owners are planning to turn it into a “bistro-lounge,” he and his pals — including Ben Schwartz, better known as Parks and Recreation‘s Jean-Ralphio — embark on a plan to save their beloved hangout. Naturally, a fake robbery and some literal toilet humor follow. Almost-Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki and Josh Groban — who’s been moonlighting as a comedian for years now — also star as Will’s dream girl and his jerky romantic rival, respectively.

That all sounds whatever to me — but I don’t know why Stevie Janowski wasn’t mentioned! Because Stevie Janowski is Everything.


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