Asking Kirsten Dunst About Kissing Brad Pitt When She Was 11 Years Old Is Still 'Gross'

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Asking Kirsten Dunst About Kissing Brad Pitt When She Was 11 Years Old Is Still 'Gross'
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For more than two-thirds of her life, “elder millennial” Kirsten Dunst has been forced to explain that, as an 11-year-old child, she had no sexual interest in the kiss she shared with a then-30-year-old Brad Pitt on the set of Interview With the Vampire.

Recently, Entertainment Tonight celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first time their reporters demanded to know whether Dunst, a child, felt titillated while kissing Pitt, a grown man, as other adults filmed them by asking her the exact same question once again. The first time around, Dunst described filming the scene as “gross.” Two and a half decades later, the kiss and the question remain gross, according to both Dunst and me:

“‘Yeah, it was gross! I stand by that. It would have been so much creepier if an 11-year-old was like, ‘It was great.’ You’d be like, ‘There’s something wrong with this child.’ Dunst told the outlet after watching the video of her saying the kiss was “gross.’”

To the best of my knowledge, in the quarter-century since the film’s release, Pitt has yet to be subjected to a similar question. [People]

In other 25-year-old news, according to a brand-new poll, Americans remain divided on one of the most critical issues of the modern age: Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

To celebrate the fact that Friends is now old enough to rent a car, a survey of 1,865 Plenty of Fish users found that 60% of respondents believe Ross was correct and he did nothing wrong by sleeping with someone else hours after Rachel suggested that they take a break. But the study also found that 44% of women believe Ross cheated, while just 36% of men agree. And, to add even more contention to this already divisive issue, further research found respondents have differing definitions of a “break”:

“POF also asked what the term “on a break” meant, and just like Ross and Rachel, respondents were strongly divided: 38% say it means open relationship while figuring things out, 33% say it means the couple is still together/monogamous, while 29% say it means the couple has broken up and can date and hook up with others.
The survey found that 39% of singles have been on a break with their significant other/spouse.”

Um, small quibble with this otherwise groundbreaking piece of scientific research. By definition, aren’t 100% of singles on a break with their significant others or spouses? [People]

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