Astrologer Susan Miller Has Good News & Bad News For William & Kate


Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially engaged, noted astrologer Susan Miller has weighed in on the royal romance via Twitter. Good news! And, um, bad news.

The good news is that Kate’s a Capricorn and William is a Cancer and this is a “good mix.”

Additionally, William and Kate both have Mars (the planet of war/arguments) in Libra, which sounds nice and balanced!

And now the bad news: Susan Miller is worried about when the engagement was announced. Apparently Venus — the planet of love — was in retrograde at the time. According to a Google search, when Venus is in retrograde, “even the most casual interactions tend to become fraught with seriousness.” Sounds about right.

But let’s end on a happy note, shall we? Here’s some nice news for Kate (and other Capricorns):

Your very best weekend for romance will be over November 20-21, when the full moon will arrive in fellow earth sign Taurus in your house of true love. A tender episode will come up then, and surprises abound. This is my favorite full moon of the year, and for you it could prove downright life changing. You may hear a confession of love, or if you are single, meet someone new that you find unforgettable. Follow your heart! This full moon will be worthy of four stars!

And for William (and other Cancers):

You’ve been through a long year, with relationship ups and downs, heavy responsibilities at home, and for some, tumultuous changes in your career. Considering all you’ve been through, November will be a glorious gift, allowing you to regroup, relax, and let go. Congratulate yourself on all you’ve accomplished in 2010, often against all odds. You not only survived but flourished, dear Cancer, and you will be all the stronger for all you have experienced.
This month will bring back the love in your life and allow you to feel adored and pampered. Having such a strong show of love from friends and possibly a new romantic partner, too, will strengthen your confidence and make you feel like a million dollars. In November you will get the breather you need to be able to think and to plan your next steps. In 2011, big career opportunities are due and you will love what the universe has in store. For now, have fun!

Now we just need to find out upon which spring day in 2011 is it best to get married…

Astrology Zone by Susan Miller [Official Site]

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