Aunt Becky Will Return to the Small Screen

White-collar criminal Lori Loughlin is back to work on an upcoming TV movie

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Aunt Becky Will Return to the Small Screen
Image:Rodin Eckenroth (Getty Images)

Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky aka Olivia Jade’s mom aka she of Crime Hats is sliding right back into the acting chair, reprising her role as Abigail Stanton in When Calls the Heart in the spinoff, When Hope Calls. According to Today, this upcoming season which will be the show’s second, will not be airing on the Hallmark channel but on a new network called GAC Family in what looks like a thinly veiled attempt to put a little distance between Loughlin and Hallmark’s wholesome image.

In 2019 Loughlin, the darling of sitcom television and the Hallmark television machine, found herself at the center of the college admissions scandal after paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get her children into USC. Loughlin served two months in prison for her role in the scandal which was eventually turned into a documentary, Operation Varsity Blues. Since her release, she’s maintained a relatively low profile leaving the tasks of public apologies and image rehab to her eldest daughter, Olivia Jade who is now a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

I guess she didn’t need college after all.

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